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If you missed our inaugural episode of Extra Sandini Perception, a regular feature on the Jayne Caroll Show, we discussed “Transhumanism.” A great way to think about transhumanism is to examine closely your relationship to your cell phone. Feel naked without it? You are not alone. Psychiatrists now have a name for that uncomfortable feeling: Nomophopia. We are already inexorably linked to technology for good or for better. Computer scientists have named this the Brain Machine Interface (BMI).

A primitive BMI interface. (Source Neurallink)

Elon Musk is proposing the use of Neurallink, a one inch hole drilled in your skull, which stops just short of the grey matter. From there very tiny wires by the thousand, measured by the micron will be inserted into the gaps between your synapses. You have to be extremely careful not to traumatize the brain, but Musk claims the possibility of this is this less than I believe the probability of dying from Covid-19 (or whatever number we on). For the record Musk is not getting the vaccine for his child “X Æ A-12” or himself and has called Bill gates a “Numbskull.” Hilarious.

If you think the idea is ludicrous, think again. In the mid 70’s I bought the first video game with an RF television interface, called “Pong” for you younger people. Now consider that Eli now claims his company named for the interface, Neurallink, has a chimpanzee playing the game through a Neuralink interface. From the monkey’s brain, through the metal plate via blue tooth, to a computer (or human?) based opponent. Scary? Yes. But in my opinion inevitable.

Find the audio for the February 8, 2021 show, at I’m the first hour, and I think it makes for good radio, especially if you are sitting at home watching paint dry.

Next week we take up the topic of climate change. As Jayne has drawn to my attention Bill Gates has now written a book on the topic, “How To Avoid A Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have And The Breakthroughs We Need.” Is climate change even real? Spoiler alert, this Modeling and Simulation expert does not think so. I’ll be touching base with experts I know prior too the show. A few points I will be making:

  • There is absolutely zero solid evidence that there is a an anthropomorphic climate change. (Should I challenge my belief?)
  • James Dellngpole is the the guy I’ve read briefly and I err to his logic, science and reasoning. He is an expert on the topic. The problem is these computer simulation models have been completely, in a word … FUBAR. (F’ed up beyond all recognition). The old Computer Science axiom applies: Garbage in, garbage out.
  • And of course if researchers come up with the wrong answer, that warming is not a problem, they lose all funding. SO there is a huge agency problem.
  • Even if the models and observations were right, illustrating a an upward tick in temperatures due to CO2, who is to say that Mother Nature is not working the other direction and decreasing CO2? There have been times in human history where it’s been warmer/cooler and the CO2 levels have been higher/lower. “So?” is what I would ask to Gates (and Musk for that matter since he seems to be onboard too).

Jayne and I will be kicking it off live with Gates’ Book. Won’t you do us the honor or joining us Monday February 22, 2021 at 7 PM West coast (10 PM Eastern) for our somewhat psychedelic journey through the world of conservative politics, technology finance and the unknown. Questions prior to the show? Email Jayne at [email protected].

Set a calendar reminder and join us live at the link below.

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