On our last episode of ESP of on the Jayne Carroll Show we discussed Bill Gates and the motivations behind his philanthropic efforts. After taking over the country with COVID-19, its research, tests and vaccines: he has now moved on to <gasp>, global warming.

Gate’s new book encourages us to eat plant-based burgers, and become environmentally active at both the office and with our personal time. I can only believe that Gates supports “Cancel Culture” because in some of his interviews Gates brings up the question of what we are going to do to “Climate Deniers” who he equates with “Holocaust Deniers.” Scary stuff indeed. Don’t question Gate’s science because you may find yourself in one of AOC’s Green Energy Concentration Camps. Here’s the link to the episode with great thanks to Jayne, and the Producers Dave and Jeremy,


I touched based with two experts in the area with whom I have spoke with before on the topic. Chuck Weiss is an Oregon State University trained meteorologist with impressive credentials who is a frequent guest on the Lars Larson show. To quote Chuck:

” Yeah Bill Gates is a scrary guy I agree with ya. You know he was a brilliant guy with computers and I’m glad he made the Billions of dollars that he did with Microsoft but he has been hanging around these same environmental extremists and fanatics to get all of his <expletive> information from.

“I watched all off the interview , or some of it that he did today with Chris Wallace where he said you know that we have until 2050 to get to zero carbon emissions, and this guy doesn’t understand nothing about science, you know he didn’t finish any academic training so that is not completely surprising. Ya know the guy dropped out of college and it just means that he has not taken the time to really study the issue and he certainly is hanging around some very strange people.”

I also reached out to Dr. Gordon Fulks via email. Gordon is Phd trained physicist with a long background in climate science, and no axe to grind from some sort of Government funding. Dr. Fulks points out that the supposed evidence for global warming harkens from the Obama era.

“…Bill Gates demonstrates a profound lack of understanding of this subject. Does he understand the “Three Lines of Evidence” that the Obama Administration used to get their Endangerment Finding for carbon dioxide? That is the official scientific argument for concern about CO2. But if you ask them to prove that there has been “unusual warming” since the end of WW2, when human emissions of CO2 became significant, you will draw a blank. Honest data show that the global temperature anomaly went down for three decades after 1945 and then up for two decades after the Great Pacific Climate Shift of 1977 shifted the Pacific Ocean into its warm phase. Then we had the Super El Nino of 1998, followed by a stable global temperature until another Super El Nino in 2016. That latter ocean surface warming is just now cooling enough to return the global temperature anomaly to near zero (normal). So, where exactly is the correlation with rising atmospheric CO2? Tenuous at best. Correlation is not causation, but lack of it says you have no case at all.” (my emphasis added.)

On our next segment on the Jayne Caroll show we will be discussing Andrew Torba the founder of the social media site “Gab.” Gab is funded by it’s users and Torba uses his own hardware and engineering team so it can’t be taken down like Parler recently was. By the way did you know that Parler is still using your personal information? I would be cautious that you don’t fall into the same trap that all of us did with Twitter and Facebook. Dan Bongino an ex-Secret Service operator and personality on Fox News has financial ties to Parler which we will discuss. If you are looking for alternatives to Zuckerberg or Dorsey, don’t miss our next segment! It will air live Monday March 8th 7 PM West Coast and 10 PM East Coast. Listen to the show live at thejaynecarrollshow.net. If you have questions of comments on the show please send them to Jayne at [email protected]. Thanks again for listening.


  1. Great information. You wonder who died and made Bill Gates the Climate Czar? Perhaps, he should eat is 3-D meat and poop it out his 3-D rectum.

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