Dateline 22:15 EST Saturday July 3,2021. Sarasota Florida.

President Trump wows ‘em as usual in Sarasota.

Perhaps 20,000 people sat through torrential downpours and thunderstorms for up to 9 hours to hear President Trump give perhaps his best speech since the November 3rd election. Despite the dampening conditions the speech was peppered with applause interruptions and spontaneous shouts of “We Love You.” Trump could not see the back of the crowd. Reports from on location indicate not a single person went home due to the inclement weather.

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Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) deserves a shout out and your sponsorship. They are dodging a YouTube ban by continuing to broadcast on RUMBLE. RSBN folks are warriors, the true Thomas Paine’s of our time.

The Trump company is under investigation for flimsy tax violations. Trump quipped: “They want to do things to hurt us. We’re too smart and we’re too good.”

Trump reminded people that he is a populist. “The harder I fight for you, the harder they come after me.”

Trump after criminals being let out of jail. Speaking of Democrat City’s he said: “Who the hell wants to go? I don’t want to go.”

Trump pointed out the hypocrisy of the so-called Judicial System: “prosecuting for taxes on fringe benefits … but murder is OK.”

Trump pointed out he got 75 Million Votes, by far the most of any sitting President in History. “I’m far now popular today than on Election Day,” he said.

Trump again used the power of being a President to push forward campaigns, people and organizations. Meriting a shout out were:

Greg Stubey

Verne Buchannan

Mike Walsh

Byron Donald

(of course) Matt Gaetz.

Gus Billericas

Scott Franklin

Lorren Boebert

Christian Ziegler

Don Jr.

Kimberly Gilfoil (who also gave a speech earlier.)

Sky king fireworks

Head of the Sarasota RepublicansJoe Gruters

Sarasota Police and Fire Departments

and the Sarasota Sheriff’s Office.

Trump shouted out Right Side Broadcasting who carried the speech on Rumble even though they were banned on YouTube.

High gas prices have plagued the Biden economy.

Trump pointed out that gas prices have now topped out (hopefully) at $3.50/Gallon. “How many Chevrolet’s do you find in Munich?,” asked Trump. Zero of course as Germany continues to give us an uninterrupted screwing.

“Biden reentered the job killing Paris Climate Accord.” Lots of boos were heard.

“Biden is pushing the largest tax increase in History.” Further booing ensued.

Mitt Romney took the brunt of the criticism Trump doled out to the NEOCONs.

The NEOCONS were not left unscathed. Trump pointed out that Mitt Romney had “one of the worst campaigns in history.”

However the worst of the booing was saved for Joe Biden. Joe Biden cancelled the fireworks for this year at Mt. Rushmore. Trump pointed out that the Left wants to swap out President Thomas Jefferson at the Jefferson Memorial with “Reverend Al Sharpton.”

The biggest laughs were saved for Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Trump pointed out she had the biggest mask he’s ever seen. I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing by the way.

Of course as usual the mainstream media took their share of pies. Trump made no bones about it. He did not mince words. He called them “corrupt.”

Trump called Critical race theory: “Poisonous Left Wing Doctrine.”

Trump called the Democrat agenda “Sick.”

Trump dared ask: “who shot Ashley Babbit,” and indicated he had spoken to her Mother.

Trump dared to ask “Who shot Ashley Babbit?” He also pointed out the hypocrisy of the DOJ going after the so-called “January 6th Insurrectionists,” while letting the Antifa riot freely.

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