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June 12, 2011 – Saint Pertersburg Florida

by Dan Sandini

It wasn’t bad enough when Vicki Weaver was mowed down by a snipers rifle while innocently holding her newborn baby, unaware she was even targeted. Vicki was never accused of a crime and never presented nor uttered a single threat against any law enforcement officer or agency … ever. The statuesque Vicki with her wonderful girlish features, fell forward, like the fallen oaks of the surrounding hillsides. The high speed, high caliber bullet instantly disfigured her beautiful matronly face into an unrecognizable pile of something resembling ground beef. The gaping hole in the center was a look of shock, frozen in time, forever, perhaps for us to contemplate even now . For many Patriots this was the shot heard round the world.

Vicki Weaver shown here with her husband Randy was shot in the face by sniper FBI Agent Lon Horiuchi at Ruby Ridge.

But of course although Vicki Weaver’s FBI assassin was White, Vicki wasn’t Black. So you can automatically relegate this story to page 9, should something similar happen today under the Biden Administration with it’s sycophantic Left wing media.

Above: photo of an unarmed Vicki Weaver shortly before she was shot in the face by elite FBI assassin Lon Horiuchi in an unprovoked attack. She fell to the ground crushing her baby which survived.

It was concluded that Horiuchi’s shot was Unconstitutional because because there was no imminent threat. The inquiry further alleged that Horiuchi unnecessarily endangered others by firing. So what do you think happened? The U.S. attorney general decided that criminal charges against Horiuchi were unwarranted. Shocking.

Above: FBI Agent Lon Horiuchi who with premeditation, malice and forethought murdered Vicki Weaver in an unprovoked attack on Ruby Ridge in 1992. He’s free to this day at 67 enjoying retirement in Hawaii.

Almost 30 years after Ruby Ridge its lessons still prove poignant. Infowars and the Gateway Pundit pointed out this week that in Portland a man was shot in the back running away from the police. Crowds of Blacks were gathering near the Super 8 Motel in NE Portland where the shooting occurred, and the looting of the nearby Lloyd Center Mall appeared imminent. But a surge of relief eased through the crowd as the Chief tweeted out not to worry: the victim was just a white guy. (https://www.infowars.com/posts/portland-police-calm-down-everyone-the-man-we-shot-was-white/)

Citizen Journalist Andy Ngo Retweeted the Portland Police Department. Translated Tweet: “Don’t worry bros the victim was a White Guy.”

This article isn’t meant to chronologically elicit the abuses of our so-called Justice System over the course of our country’s history. That would require a tomb as lengthy as the Encyclopedia Britannica. But perhaps it pays to remind ourselves that no sooner was The Constitution inked than President John Adam’s passed the Alien and Sedition Act silencing his opponents under penalty of two years imprisonment or deportation.

Later in our history Abraham Lincoln systematically shredded the Constitution allowing Federal Troops to murderer and rape non-involved American Citizen Combatants. He also occupied and burned their houses despite their non-involvement. The scars from these abuses are still found in the composition and psyche of the American People today. Essentially Lincoln presided over our country’s real genocide: the mid 19th Century extermination of the Southern Gentility. Add that to your Critical Race Theory lessons.

But without bogging down in the minutia I think it pays for us as conservatives to remind ourselves of this constant abuse by our Federal Government and isolating what I believe what the root cause is: selective enforcement motivated by political ideology. We need to look no further than the January 6th “insurrection” at our nation’s Capitol Building. According to Gateway Pundit we now know the identity of the officer who shot Ashley Babbit in the face. The Gateway Pundit has Identified the the shooter as Lt. Mike Byrd. Imagine shooting an unarmed protestor in the face. Let’s see if we can guess what will happen and why.

Gateway Pundit Reports: US Capitol Acting Sergeant At Arms Accidentally CONFIRMS that Lieutenant Mike Byrd KILLED Ashli Babbitt (VIDEO) https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/07/another-huge-update-us-capitol-acting-sergeant-arms-accidentally-confirms-lieutenant-mike-byrd-killed-ashli-babbitt-video/)

Babbit is both White and a Trump-supporting Conservative. Her shooter Byrd is Black and Liberal. Of course no charges are being pressed. Take this case and swap positions. Look at the case of Conservative Citizen Journalist Michael Strickland in Portland. Strickland (White) drew his weapon to defend himself against a mob that was assaulting him. Of course the people Strickland was defending himself against were all Liberal and included members of the BLM. So of course Strickland was charged and in this case he didn’t even fire, just drew his weapon in self defense.

Tayler Hansen identified Babbit’s shooter as Lieutenant Michael Leroy Bird with this Tweet.

This double standard is not like other issues that face us. Abuse of prosecutorial discretion is eroding the foundations of our society. It is fundamental because without recourse to the Law there is no enforcing The Constitution, and we cease to be free men. As things stand now the United States Code of justice makes it is very difficult to even bring a case for prosecutorial misconduct. Similarly for most state laws.

My advocation is for extreme Judicial reform. I believe we should pass national legislation establishing independent review panels to examine the decisions of prosectors as to wether or not to prosecute. If it’s determined by the panel that favoritism was in any way shown based on race or political affiliation, that prosecutor will automatically be charged with a felony, no need to convene a Grand Jury. The full weight of the DOJ will be placed behind bringing a successful conviction. My recommendation would be 10 years with no parole for each violation. The Prosecutor may be held for damages in Civil Court as well.

Perhaps then we will begin to enjoy a modicum of justice here in America. Maybe then the Horiuchi’s and Byrd’s of the world will think twice before pulling the trigger blowing the face off of innocent women.