Dateline May 24, 2021. Today in Maricopa County the audit of of the 2026 Presidential election continues after a brief interruption. The State’s senate has ordered the audit due to suspected problems in the counting process. The Maricopa County Election Commission is panicked and has stopped attending meetings asking them to respond to problems found to date.

Trump supporters are euphoric with what they’ve uncovered. First off entire directories of the “summary counts” were deleted by someone at some time. Next, the tamper proof seals on boxes of mail in ballots have been, well, tampered with. Imagine my shock? Couple this with the shredded ballots found in dumpsters and you have what President Trump would call “a big ole mess.”

Post after post have scrolled by in my social media feed regarding this chicanery. Most are prefaced with the same overused exclamations that never seem to pan out: BREAKING! EXCLUSIVE! MUST SEE VIDEO! And each time I am suckered into the click bait I regret it: once again Lucy has snatched away the football, and like Charlie Brown, I lie flat on my back.

I always feel like the wet blanket leaving my signature four word comment on these posts: “nothing will be done.” So why am I always throwing the cold water on the fire? Why not engage in the bonfire of enthusiasm? Because I’m a realist and in the short time I’ve been involved in politics I’ve learned one thing. It’s the old adage: those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. What we are doing is putting the cart before the horse, and until we fix that, I repeat: “nothing will be done.” Allow me to explain.

Let’s go back to the 2015 primaries when the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and the DOJ all conspired to spy on President Trump’s election campaign and feed information to his adversary Hillary Clinton. Since then boat loads of evidence have emerged regarding this illegal operation: a fake dossier was assembled funded by the Clinton Campaign. The conspirators all knowing the information to be bogus, falsified warrant applications to a judge in order to wire tap Trump’s offices. The main conspirators all lied to Congress about it. The evidence was so thick against the plot that when nothing was done, I had to ask myself, “Who’s running this investigation, Stevie Wonder?”

Who’s running this investigation, Stevie Wonder?

We went through two heads of the Department of Justice: Sessions and Barr and special prosecutor Durham. And let’s not forget the Müller investigation that could have turned the finger around to point at the the real criminals. Once again: crickets chirped. The traitors and seditionists such as Comey, Brennan, and Clapper walk freely among us showing their smug little smiles on mainstream propaganda. How is this possible?

The reasons are clear, and they the same fatal flaws in our justice system that have allowed the first Presidential Election in our nation’s history to be stolen. Let’s focus on the top two.

1. Selective Enforcement. In order to prosecute a crime a law enforcement officer must investigate and bring forth evidence to a District Attorney. The fact that some laws are enforced in some circumstances only, and some not at all, is a part of our legal system. Officers avoid high profile targets for many obvious reasons including not losing their jobs.

2. Prosecutorial Discretion. There is nothing to say that a prosecutor can choose to prosecute this case and not that one. It’s built into the system. The DA supposedly has 10 pounds of flour and a five pound bag so he must choose, or so goes the story. So in many cases he abuses this power to punish his political adversaries and those of his cronies. Such was the case where the victim Mike Strickland was convicted of multiple felonies for defending himself while the violent mob who beat him with flag poles walked away free.

So getting back to the election let’s imagine that a particular law enforcement agent and/or district attorney observed a crime. If they were so inclined: why would they not bring a charge. The answer is the same as with our three letter agencies such as the FBI, the CIA, and the NSA: they have all been compromised. For those unfamiliar with the true meaning of the word compromise I’m not surprised. It gets thrown around rather readily these days.

Compromise is a term used in spy craft to indicate that you have gained influence over a particular individual. This influence can take one of four different forms: money, ideology, coercion, or ego. In many cases it’s a combination of the four. In the case of money people are simply paid off. Take the Sheriff of Maricopa County for example. It’s said that like Oregon Governor Kate Brown he took millions from Soros to get elected. Would he go up against that?

Ideology can be a powerful form of motivation as well. Look at Omar and her condemnation of Israel. That didn’t take much arm twisting. Let’s just ignore the thousands of rockets being fired at Jewish schools in the name of the intifada.

“Coercion” now there’s a good one. It’s simply a fancy form of blackmail. Why wouldn’t Joe Biden want to know about the interconnection between Dominion Servers and China? Gee could it be all the Kiddy Porn being held over his head by the CCP? And finally ego. You don’t see VP Pence screaming bloody murder to look into the election irregularities. I suspect someone one has promised him a larger role in the future.

So the halls of Justice in America have been compromised. Thats why I can’t get excited about any proof of election irregularity. Crime? What crime? You had Hillary Clinton taking a hammer to her cell phones to destroy evidence: nothing was done. Instead we investigated President Trump through two lengthy expensive impeachment trials.

Look at undercover investigative journalist David Daleiden. He produced videos of babies being dissected on Petri dishes to sell parts to fund Planned Parenthood’s Lamborghinis. What was the result? Daleidin was convicted of multiple felonies and bankrupted. Let that be a warning to those participating in this Arizona audit whose license plates were photographed.

To fix our failed election system we must stop putting the cart before the horse. We must first fix our failed system of justice.