In this Episode 16 of Extra Sandini Perception (ESP) I give an introduction to the Clinton Criminal Enterprise Architecture.

There has been an indictment against Michael Sussman by John Durham and the problem is the indictment is quite complex (26 pages). This is necessarily so because the Clinton Criminal Enterprise is quite complex. So the question becomes how do we get our minds around all of these different players, all of these different organizations, and all of these different interactions? I have created an Enterprise Architecture model of all these people organizations and entities.

In the video I explain some key elements of the model, and show some the questions an Enterprise Architecture can help answer for us. It’s a great way to manage complexity and we can see this in the short walkthrough I do during the video. We will use the architecture to analyze the enterprise and see how far the Durham indictment might reach into the organization. I’ll update the diagram and other diagrams as the indictment progresses.

Here is the latest version of the architecture explained in the video.