Skip the Trump Speech, Marjorie Taylor Green takes over the screen like some kind of television or film icon.

⁃ THE BEST FIRST. Do not miss Representative Majorie Taylor Greene from the Trump Ohio event. She summed up the Save America Agenda with sexiness, beauty, passion and elegance. Her best moment was when she asked the 20 thousand strong crowd who their President was, and they responded unanimously, … almost symphonically: “DONALD TRUMP!” Quite an exciting moment. I liken her to a Joan of Arc of our time. Representative Greene is someone Trump should bring closer into his inner circle (as contrasted with the grifters I mention below), envisioning her as a future Speaker of the House. She reminds me a little of Speaker Newt Gingrich actually. The video can be found here (spoiler alert, she called AOC a Communist 😂): https://www.c-span.org/video/?512874-2/representative-marjorie-taylor-greene-trump-rally-ohio

⁃ President Trump will continue doing rallies now that he has made a decision on what his roll in the party will be: “Top GOP Cheerleader, Until I’m Re-elected.” He made this decision and told the world this during his first public appearance at CPAC. His “Make America Great Again” and “America First” messages continue to resonate with all Constitutionalists. This past weekend he was well received by thousands of fans in Ohio. I saw part of the speech on Right Side Broadcasting Network, which I recommend. I am a sponsor.

⁃ In this role Trump will be using his gravitas and fund raising capabilities to help win back the House and Senate in the 2022 interim elections. For example in Ohio Trump is supporting Mike Carey for Representative in Ohio’s 15th Congressional District Race. The primary election is to be held August 3rd. That’s about a month away. I’m using this election as a barometer of Trump’s post election effectiveness. Watch with me. Pop some pop corn.

⁃ It’s my belief that The Teflon Don is holding back some ammo. For example he’s not holding back on the Biden/Harris border debacle. Similarly he sinks his fangs in readily to the the bloody red meat of the pair’s economic disaster. But during this past weekend’s speech he tiptoed his way around any specifics regarding the Arizona audit results which are apparently finishing up today.

President Trump showing Vice President Kamala Harris how it’s done.

⁃ Worthy of mention is the fact that President Trump continues to act as President. For example when Vice President Harris appeared to be shirking her responsibility to visit the border President Trump acted: going there himself. I think he was there yesterday. Also of note is that President Trump visited McAllen Texas one of the hardest hit areas for large scale illegal immigration. VP Harris visited El Paso, where as I understand the problem is relatively benign. All this occurring simultaneously with funding for the The Wall being found. I thought there was a President Biden executive order stopping all construction of the Wall. Perhaps I was mistaken.

⁃ Attend estimates for the Ohio Event were between 15-20 thousand participants and I feel this is a good turnout.

Good Times Again. Trump is received by a raucous crowd in Ohio this past weekend as a part of his “Save America” campaign.

– Trump’s favorability rating according to Real Clear Politics “Poll-of-Polls” is 42% which isn’t disconcerting in and of itself. But when considered with the fact that it’s been slowly but steadily declining since February; it’s worrisome. My thinking is these numbers are not fully reflective of Ohio, the border visit and the anticipation over the upcoming July 3, Sarasota Event.

– President Trump needs to shed some dead weight. What I mean is there are a group of grifters who follow him around and make disasters of things. The first of these is Jared Kushner the second is his former campaign manager Brad Pascale who seems to keep sticking his nose in shit.

– Finally let’s take look at what the betting odds are for who will be elected in 2024? Experience has taught me that this is perhaps one of the best prognosticators. Right now favored to win are Vice President Kamala Harris, President Joe Biden, President Donald Trump, and fourth in Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.