Above: According to Meiring, the movie Altered Carbon illustrates how bodies will just become ‘sleeves’ for downloaded human brains to occupy. Ew. Credit: Netflix

For those of you who have not been following along with our ESP episodes Jayne and I have been discussing transhumanism. Wikipedia defines transhumanism as

“a philosophical movement, the proponents of which advocate and predict the enhancement of the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies able to greatly enhance longevity, mood and cognitive abilities.”

In other words they want to plug your brain directly into the the net. The Elon Musk edition is called Neurallink and they are expected to bring a product to market in 5 years.

What’s new is this week Henri James Meiring published a brief history of Transhumance thought in the blog TechXplore. I found it interesting that the concepts go all the way back to the Age of Enlightenment! Generally considered to have run from 1715 to 1789, The Enlightenment was hallmarked by radical new thought. It is the period when the concept of free men evolved, drawn upon by Thomas Jefferson for his Declaration of Independence.

The brief history makes for fascinating reading, bringing to light that these are age-old concepts. Meiring focuses on the philosophers Condrocet and Godwin. Here are a couple of insightful quotes.

“There will be no war, no crimes, no administration of justice as it is called, and no government.” – Godwin 1793

According to Meiring scientific progress for Godwin not only meant we would be rid of ailments plaguing the physical body, but also those affecting society. Godwin’s daughter, Mary Shelley, later went on to write Frankenstein.

And from Condrocet who wrote during the French Revolution;

“Would it even be absurd to suppose […] a period must one day arrive when death will be nothing more than the effect either of extraordinary accidents, or of the flow and gradual decay of the vital powers; and that the duration of the middle space, of the interval between the birth of man and this decay, will itself have no assignable limit?” Condrocet 1795

My thinking on transhumanism is we had better regulate it here in the US; or join the EU organization addressing the regulation of the technology. I’ve even come across a Transhumanism Bill of Rights (for all sentient beings) in WIRED Magazine. Read the full article by Meiring here it’s really good:

Uploading thoughts to the mainframe may be the stuff of science fiction—but humans have imagined it for centuriesby Henry-James Meiring.


Screen Shot: The New York Times piles on to the (what I call) “The Nouveau UFO Legitimacy Movement.”

Back in 2007 the US Military started getting serious taking away the stigmas of reporting UFOs. Then in 2017 President Trump earmarked funds inside of the $2.3 Trillion dollar appropriations budget to produce a report: “what the government knows about U.F.O.s. “ That report is due out this month so stay tuned.

Adding to the seemingly nouveau legitimacy of this once thought “whack job” movement is a brand new New York Times article: “Why Are We All Talking About U.F.O.s Right Now? by a clear thinking Jennifer Jet. Read her piece and stay tuned for that report!


A contrail, known to conspiracy theorists as “chemtrails.” Getty Image.

According to Wikipedia:

“The chemtrail conspiracy theory posits the erroneous[1] belief that long-lasting condensation trails are “chemtrails” consisting of chemical or biological agents left in the sky by high-flying aircraft, sprayed for nefarious purposes undisclosed to the general public.”

Turns out that folks postulating that chemtrails, known to scientists as water vapor contrails, may pose a danger after all. According to The New Scientist “The wispy cloud trails left by aircraft cause more warming than the carbon emissions from their fuel.” The article goes on to suggest that the Greenhouse Effect comes into play and that future aircraft engines should be engineered to reduce or eliminate contrails.

The Greenhouse Effect occurs naturally as sunlight coming through the clouds warms our atmosphere, bounces off the earth’s surface, and then is reflected back at the ground by the underside of the clouds. The clouds keep us cozy like a fluffy comforter. You notice this most in frigid climates when there are no clouds to trap the warmth and the opposite occurs: radiational cooling.

It seems the contrails, in contributing to the volume of clouds, may contribute to the Greenhouse Effect nudging up the mercury ever so slightly. So stay tuned chemtrail conspiracy theorists: your fears may be rooted in science. Who knew?


Screen shot from Coinbase: Bitcoin achieved its all time high of $64K back in mid-April and has fallen precipitously since.

Elon Musk is taking the heat once again for talking down Bitcoin. Each time he opens his mouth it tanks. While one can no longer purchase a Tesla with Bitcoin, Tesla does hold a significant amount of Bitcoin on the books as “cash on hand.”

My observations regarding crypto on a personal level regarding the two largest coins: Bitcoin and Etherium is that they do behave like very volatile currency over periods of time. I adopted a buy and hold, dollar cost average strategy for a very small account on the app Coinbase. While day to day there are wild fluctuations in value, overall these crypto currency’s revert to the mean. So it’s like wildly volatile currency that you can’t buy anything with. For my money: give me Gold and Silver, money you can hold, as a better alternative.

As of this writing Bitcoin is currently trading at $37K off its all time high of $65K established around April 14, 2021. Etherium is at around $2700 off it’s all time high of $4000 which it hit less than a month ago on May 10, 2021. You can purchase these “cryptos” easily in small amounts just to play with them using an app like Coinbase. But buyer beware these are very volatile, truly speculative investments akin to playing the lottery, or day trading, or worse!

Perhaps more suitable to the faint at heart, there are also now Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that carry exclusively cryptocurrencies as assets on the balance sheet, such as Bitcoin and Etherium. ETFs act like mutual funds but trade like stocks.

One such ETF is called “The Bitwise 10 Crypto Index” and trades under the symbol BITW in the over the counter markets. So this ETF, modeled after an index fund, automatically carries as assets the market share of the 10 largest market capitalization cryptocurrencies. So with one purchase you buy 10 currencies. Think of it like the Dow for cryptocurrencies. Find more information on index funds here. Find more information on BITW here.

Gold has kept flirting with an all time high of $2000 an ounce and silver hangs at around 28 bucks. The Dow continues to defy the odds and soars towards my Trump Era prediction of $35,000. Remember we still saw a growing economy at the end of the first quarter of 6.4% up from the 2020 4th quarter which came in at 4.3%. So long as we have these large jumps in post-Covid GDP it seems that the Bull will rage on. We will get 2nd quarter GDP numbers in late August.

Inflation which is reported monthly came in at a surprisingly high 4.2% for April. Both the Fed and the Treasury are on the record as calling this spike “transitory,” an artifact of Covid months falling off the 12 month averaging window. We will get the Consumer Price Index number for May on June 10th at 8:30 AM from the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics. That will tell us a lot about whether we are heading for a more prolonged period of inflation or hyperinflation.

We will talk about these topics live on the Jayne Caroll Show this Monday June 7, 2021 at 7 PM west/10 PM East. you can listen live or replay the podcast later at TheJayneCarrollShow.net.


  1. I’m looking forward to your show with Jayne Carroll. I have listened to them live or on the podcast if I missed the live shows. You’re always informative, entertaining, and thought provoking.

    Just a couple of quick thoughts on the coming show and topics. Your topics are timely and fun, please take any comments I make in the spirit they’re meant. I like to have a fun conversation, but not make fun conversation.

    Transhumanism, an interesting concept, sounds like something created in a Sci-Fi movie. Movies like, The Matrix where everyone is plugged in and a slave to a cyder reality with only the essence of the human mind contributing to the whole. Another example might be the Katra that Spock was always concerned with in Star Trek, it was the essence of the Vulcan mind, and could be transferred to another person before death to maintain an eternal life force of the being.

    Your references and research to the “Period of Enlightenment” shows as so often happens, these aren’t new concepts, simply reworked ideas to fit into today’s logic and meaning. Many of us look for the Fountain of Youth, or what is more likely, the opportunity to hang on to life. Extending life by enhanced longevity would make many humans take the leap to be “plugged-in.” My question to those that choose this path, “What happens when your essence is no longer valuable to the matrix (net)? Are you simply deleted or not supported like an obsolete program?”

    Another area of concern that would have to be considered when building an enhanced environment for extended longevity of life’s essence, the old computer saying, “Garbage in, garbage out.” Who will decide on what’s important and necessary? Let’s hope it’s not the Facebook Police.

    Change of subject.

    Crypto currency, precious metals, and the stock market in general is something most people don’t understand. Oh, they see it go up and down, understand an alternative currency is trying to get established, and metals are in limited resource, but few understand the minutia of this critical mess.
    Here’s where I compliment you when you have discussed this on shows, you make it understandable to the normal people. Perhaps, you should consider a virtual on-line class.

    Because most people don’t understand “Crypto Currency,” most have shown little interest finding out about anything where the extremely rich seem to play. One thing is for sure, to develop and interest, and make it valuable in the U.S., an affordable investment vehicle needs to be developed that the U.S. controls and can become the replacement for the dollar. It is something that is coming, but now few completely trust things run by machines in the Cloud controlling their spending and savings needs.

    I’m going to leave this here, and listen, if you can get me to understand it, you’ll be able to get anyone to understand it. Do your best.

    UFOs, it sounds like the coverup is about to be uncovered. There’s a lot of interest in what’s to be released. It still seems the Government is going to maintain they don’t know if it’s Earthly Advancement, or unknown phenomena. The thoughts of all this are long reaching. Is it advancements of those here on Earth, which will create a panic of National Security and questions of how someone was able to make such strides? Perhaps, the questions of “Time Travel” have been solved and it’s simply us visiting ourselves from the future. A futuristic cruise to study history, like us traveling to the Pyramids, Ancient Mayan ruins, or cruising to the Bahamas in present time. Anyone with a bit of imagination can go crazy with the possibilities.

    Here’s a conspiracy idea for you. What if all this vaccination stuff has been timed to the release of UFO information. Could it be we are getting vaccinated to not infect coming Visitors or have them infect us? A friendly version of “War of the Worlds,” or more likely, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” (If Fauci uses this to save his behind I’m going to be pissed.)

    Well Mr. Sandini, I’m checking out for now. I find myself rambling over the chosen subjects. If I keep thinking about the subjects, I won’t have anything left to plug-in, or I will have to complete a transition to go off the grid. Good luck on Monday, I hope to be able to listen live.

    • Hi Harold – I appreciate all input and trust me I take offense to none of it. Your comments are insightful and greatly appreciated.

      – The Fed has two cryptos of its own it’s launching now as prototypes. The word is they are going to create their own “Digital Dollar.” I believe the European Central Bank already has their own digital now and China has the Digital Yuan. Stay tuned. The digital Yuans expire if you don’t use them!

      – Hard to imagine what it will be like to digitize your brain but I think your observations are spot on. Gene Roddenberry who wrote most of Star Trek was definitely a spot on predictor of the future. Same generation as Asimov and Kubrick. I had forgot about the Katra. I have to rewatch. So Musk is like them. He’s a future predictor. – You may be right: aliens might be just us visiting ourselves from the future. If Fauci tries that vein of logic they will put him away! It may save him! Maybe he’s coming back to save himself from going on trial in The Hague. Honestly I’m not a fan of Internatonal Law: but wouldn’t it be ironic if he faced justice at the hands of the globalists!

      Thank for the insightful comments!

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